Red Oak Grand Theatre (ROGT)


Project Goal of $900,000
Funding 85%

Project Overview

The vision of the Red Oak Grand Theatre is to provide family entertainment at an affordable price to patrons throughout the region. To that end, and because of the commitment of a vast number of volunteers, ticket prices remain low and refreshments affordable.

The theatre has one screen at its current building and has restricted it to shows appropriate for all ages. The availability of acquiring the adjacent building presented an opportunity for the theatre board of directors to consider expanding to add a second screen. This second screen is envisioned as one that will be able to provide other family appropriate shows but that appeal to older family members. This offers families an entertainment venue that will allow more family members to enjoy the weekend movies together.

Preservation of the existing building along with the neighboring structure is an additional benefit to the downtown area. Both buildings share common walls and are dependent on one another as is often the case in older downtowns. There has been substantial investment in the current building which could be at risk without the renovation of its adjacent neighbor.

The vision of the Red Oak Grand Theatre remains the same. This mission has now been EXPANDED.

Project Details

  • Current cost of the project is $857,645 with a project goal of $900,000
  • The board has secured some grant funding to help with the project.
  • Naming opportunities are available from the screen, to the seats, and even the new lobby and concession area.
  • The project includes a new projector, screen and sound system, new seats, a new concession area, remodel of the current concession area into the new ticket taking area, an ADA accessible restroom, as well as the cost of other updates and renovations necessary such as work to the floor and roof to restore and renovate the building.

What does this mean for you?

  • The Red Oak Grand Theatre is simply the most affordable theatre venue for families in the region with $2 tickets and reasonably priced concessions.
  • The Red Oak Grand Theatre offers youth and adult volunteer opportunities to gain work experience that transfers to future employment.
  • People throughout the area have an opportunity for social engagement and networking as they attend shows or manage the showtime operations.

How can you help?

Curious about contributing to our fundraising efforts? We would love your partnership whether it be financially or through the gift of time. We have many projects going on in order to see our expansion come to fruition. If you would like to know more, please contact any of the following board members to learn more: